…..supporting young disabled children.

Sketchley Hill Menphys Nursery

Aims to provide a caring, supportive, stimulating and happy environment within which each child is encouraged to reach his or her full potential. The nursery cares for mentally and physically disabled children between the ages 2 and 5 – a critical time in the development of children with special educational needs.
The latest Ofsted inspection stated:
The provision is outstanding. Children are cared for in an environment that id highly stimulating and organised to meet their needs. The setting offers a vast range of experiences through access to a range of rooms designed with complimentary experiences.
Sketchley is a purpose built nursery with a environment able to meet the individual needs of the children through it’s specialist facilities and expert staff. Staff focus on and the abilities and special needs of the individual child not the disabilities. The nursery is able to offer an extremely high level of adult support. Many of the children at the nursery have other professionals involved in their care. Speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and the Autism outreach team all regularly visit nursery.
The nursery is led by a Head teacher. Class groups are led by teachers who are supported by nursery nurses and learning support assistants. A Health Care professional is also employed to oversee the medical needs of the children.

The Friends of Sketchley Hill Nursery organise social and fund raising events to provide those “extra’s” which further enhance the children’s learning experience like, specialist toys and playground equipment, hands on theatre shows, special equipment, outside visits etc ..
The money raised from Miss Hinckley will go towards providing these “extra’s” which are an essential part of the children’s development educationally, mentally and physically.

If you have any queries or need further information please contact David Roberts in the first instance from The Friends of Sketchley Hill Nursery on 0116 2982112 / 2848792 or e-mail [email protected] or Helen Johnston ( Head teacher ) at the nursery.
( that’s david _ j _ Roberts without the spaces )

Thank you for your support !

Sketchley Hill Menphys Nursery, Sketchley Road, Burbage LE10 2DV

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